Radiant Glow Detox Smoothie that Will Energize and Keep You Slim

Smooth, beautiful skin was a goal that I dedicated my life to due to all the trouble I had with my eczema. The answer to my predicament came in the form of an energy smoothie that I can enjoy at any time.

Versatile and easy to make, a smoothie is modifiable to the point that anyone can have their own unique spin on it. With this in mind, my personal smoothie recipe requires only a few fruits that you can find at your local supermarket, some vegan protein powder, and of course a ReadySlim detox tea bag.

What are the benefits?

Within this special concoction is banana which provides the necessary manganese and vitamin C to help your skin glow as well as fiber to improve gut health and bowel movements. This is the case as well for mango and blueberries which we are adding to this drink. Together with the protein powder and ReadySlim detox tea, you get the perfect low-calorie drink that keeps you looking good and fit by reducing bloating and provides the energy to get you through the day.

Youthful Glow Energy Smoothie

Prep: 10 mins | Cooking: 5 mins

30 grams

Net Carbs 

1 portion

Serving Size
  • 1 cup., Cold Brew Morning Detox Tea Blend
  • 1 Frozen Banana - sliced
  • ½ - ÂĽ cup., Frozen Mango (cubed) and/or Frozen Berries
  • 1 - 2 scoops., Vegan Protein Powder
  1. Brew a cup of ReadySlim detox tea and add ice to make it cool.
  2. Pour the tea into your blender.
  3. Add one to two scoops of protein powder.
  4. Place your chopped frozen fruits into the mixture.
  5. Blend well.
      • It’s important to add the liquid and finer ingredients first because we need to allow the blades in the blender to rotate. If we add the fruits first they will get in the way and your smoothie won’t be as smooth.

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