5 Easy Routines To Prepare For a Healthy Fall

As you see the leaves start to turn and the wind getting chillier, everyone around you has pulled out their cardigans and dressing warmer. Fall has arrived!

With the cusp of a new season, it's a great time to check in on your personal health. This is the period when it's the easiest to drop your activity levels and let yourself go! To prevent that we have some easy-to-follow routines you can do at any time.

1) Go outside

Staying indoors and snuggling under a blanket is a tempting thought especially when each day is getting colder and colder. However, it is exactly because of this that you need to boost your activity level by catching some fresh air. Walk around your neighborhood, ride your bike in the park or even just tend to your yard. 

2) Visit your local farmers market

Many fruits and veggies have autumn as their harvest season meaning it's now the perfect time to load up on fresh produce. Farmers markets typically have all sorts of unique ingredients that you can't find in supermarkets so it's a great place for any creative chef. Buying in-season greens will ensure that they retain as much nutrition as possible which is great for your body. 

3) Boost your vitamin D

As the days are growing shorter and we get less exposure to the sun, it's inevitable that our level of vitamin D will lower as well. The essential micronutrient plays a crucial role in calcium absorption and immune system function, so supplementing can help prepare your body as the season progress.

4) Drink more water

Don't think that just because the sun is no longer scorching your back that you can skim on your water drinking. Every part of our body depends on adequate amounts of water to function properly. It also helps in supporting your immune system, a great way to prevent getting sick.

5) Do some fall cleaning

You can't welcome new things in until you throw some old things out. Search your closet and either donate the stuff you don't wear anymore or box them up for storage. At the same time, start yourself on a cleanse! Our Wakey, Wakey, and Snoozzzy detox tea is the best choice to get you started.

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