5 Tips For Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

A new year means new beginnings and a new chance to start anew. And when it comes to starting anew, one will think of New Year's Resolutions. However, all too common do we see people give up on their promise by the time February rolls again. With all this in mind, we have collected 5 tips to help make sure you don't stray from your yearlong path.

1. Keep it simple and specific

By simple, we don’t mean easy. Keep your goal specific and they will become much more attainable. Set many smaller goals that add up to your one big goal. Instead of, I want to be healthy in 2022, let it be I want to go to the gym 3 days per week. Reframe your goals with targeted and specific information and you'll achieve your goal before you know it.

2. Write them down

Write down your goals on a paper, mobile note, or on your calendar. Rather than just being an imaginative goal that only exists in your head, there is something magical that happens when you speak and write your goals. It becomes more powerful when you can see it. 

3. Let others know

Accountability is key. A lot of times we don’t want to let our friends or family know that we are going after a goal for fear of failure. But that’s not the right attitude. Find like-minded individuals pursuing similar goals, such as a Facebook or a community group. Goals become more long-term when we don’t go at them alone.

4. Approach your goals with grace 

When you first set your resolution you likely expected more from yourself than possible. Just know that you nor your goal have to be perfect. If it turns out that you need to step back on your goal later on in your journey, then do it. It's better that you complete your original goal partway than giving up altogether. 

5. Be patient with yourself

This is a year long endeavor so don't expect things to happen overnight. Stop tearing yourself down when there are bumps in the road or minor detours in your journey. 


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